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Portfolio Monitoring
For lenders and credit agencies to keep a tab on their portfolio of home loans
Real Estate APIs - Data & Insights
RESO compliant data and API, with cognitive insights for decision making
Embeddable App Widgets
For software developers, use pre-developed apps and widgets to add to your product suite
Real Estate Cognitive Fabric
Create custom cognitive insights on RE data to gain an advantage over competition
Data QA tool
Improve the Quality of Your Real Estate Data
Ideal for Agents to get Real Estate data and insights.
Ideal for Agents to create an Instant or Customized home value report
Create an appraisal workflow with all relevant parties, ideal for appraiser firms.
Market Conditions Advisor
Easiest way to get a comps report for Appraisers and Brokers
Sally Image Advisor
Label/classify images of homes and identify objects within them